Accelerate your sales

Know what happens after you click send

Alerts for opens, videos, PDFs, links, web pages and CRM.

Email alerts
Add to Outlook or Gmail

See buying signals instantly

Watch the explainer video:

Chase the right deal

We update CRM, so you don’t have to

Key prospect interaction is captured, and followup actions made easy. [/center]

Track Gmail
crm email interactions



Outlook, Gmail, Mobile

See alerts, and respond when something important happens in your sales pipeline.

View in Outlook

The sales cycle is full of unknowns. We can clear up a few things for you.

Open alerts

From right inside Outlook, Gmail and your phone.

Time in PDF

Know how many pages are viewed, and the time spent per page.

Time in video

See if they watched all of your video, or only 3%. Even repeat views.

Link Clicks

There’s no guessing, you will know they clicked your link.

Engagement Scoring

We analyze your prospect’s behavior and give you the score.

Web page views

Get alerts when prospects are on your website, which pages, and for how long.

Click-to call

Dial your prospect right from the alert notification in Outlook, Gmail, or your mobile phone.


Our reminder feature let’s you put it off, but not forget about it.

CRM Integration

Edit a CRM opp right from your inbox or mobile phone. And we update CRM, so you don’t have to.

Asset Libraries

Easily insert marketing collateral into your sales emails. And see the stats as they roll in.

CRM marketing lists

Click to add your prospect to the right nurture list.

Email Templates

Reduce time spent writing common messages. Save your own, or use marketing’s.

Neglected Opps

We alert you about a deal you may have overlooked.

Mobile App

See key alerts from your phone if you are away from your computer.

Predictive Analytics

Patterns emerge from prospect engagement and are applied across your sales funnel.

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