No CRM? No Problem!

Kuvana Releases Solution for Sales Teams without CRM.

CRM is an excellent tool for organizations to track their sales prospects, opportunities and customers. But there are many organizations that do not have a CRM system in place. Others have a CRM, but are just looking to leverage great, cost effective solutions to help their sales organization without integrating with their CRM.

Kuvana is passionate about helping ALL salespeople succeed and understands this need. Introducing, Kuvana Basic. For only $9 a month, a sales person can get unprecedented, real-time visibility into their prospect interactions, engagement scoring, summarized lead scorecard and more, all directly from within Outlook, Gmail or their mobile phone. This includes email opens, PDF views (actual pages viewed), video views (actual time watched), website visits (actual pages visited and for how long) and link clicks.

By further empowering sales with detailed and actionable real-time information, Kuvana takes sales acceleration to a whole new level. Imagine knowing exactly how many times a prospect viewed your proposal, if they viewed every page and how often they returned to a key page like pricing or references. Or, did the prospect watch 95% of the video sent or only 5%?
Check out Kuvana for free as well.

To learn more, please download a free, 14 day trial at

Kuvana for Gmail


Posted on June 8, 2016 in Gmail, Mobile, Outlook, Sales Acceleration

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