Kuvana Announces SugarCRM Integration

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SugarCon 2016 begins next week and Kuvana is excited to announce its SugarCRM integration. The power of CRM is best realized when there is complete sales adoption with rich, complete and current data on prospects, opportunities and customers. Unfortunately, all too often, the sales information is dated and incomplete. Kuvana has solved this problem for all sales teams, especially for the users of SugarCRM.

SugarCRM Integration

SugarCRM integration: A new level of selling power

Kuvana provides sales people with unprecedented, real-time visibility into their prospect interactions, engagement scoring, pipeline management and neglected opportunity call down lists all directly from within Outlook or Gmail. The SugarCRM integration takes this a step further by allowing Kuvana users to automatically have all of their interactions with prospects and customers logged directly into SugarCRM. This includes email opens, PDF and video views (including length of time and number of pages actually viewed), link clicks and web visits. The integration will also automatically create Leads for prospects not yet in SugarCRM, allow for opportunity updates directly from the Kuvana panel in Outlook or Gmail and utilizes machine learning to identify neglected pipeline opportunities creating easy to access call down lists for the sales person.

For far too long, the sales person has had to work in the dark or manage through multiple, cumbersome applications. This leads to missed sales opportunities, frustrated sales people, wasted sales time and inaccurate data. Kuvana was created to provide unprecedented visibility, all from where the sales person lives….their email. We are very excited to add the SugarCRM integration to Kuvana. It brings together two great solutions.

SugarCRM Webinar

Get a preview of the SugarCRM integration in advance of SugarCon 2016. Join our 30 minute webinar Thursday, June 6 at 2pm Eastern Time. Register for the webinar here.


Free Trial

To learn more, please download a free, 14 day trial at http://kuvana.com/#free-trial or request a personalized demo at https://calendly.com/kuvana-demo.

Posted on June 6, 2016 in CRM, SugarCRM

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