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No CRM? No Problem!

Kuvana Releases Solution for Sales Teams without CRM. CRM is an excellent tool for organizations to track their sales prospects, opportunities and customers. But there are many organizations that do not have a CRM system in place. Others have a CRM, but are just looking to leverage great, cost effective solutions to help their sales…

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Kuvana Announces SugarCRM Integration

Kuvana Sponsors SugarCon SugarCon 2016 begins next week and Kuvana is excited to announce its SugarCRM integration. The power of CRM is best realized when there is complete sales adoption with rich, complete and current data on prospects, opportunities and customers. Unfortunately, all too often, the sales information is dated and incomplete. Kuvana has solved…

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Kuvana and CRM Integration

There is hardly anything more important than keeping track of existing and potential customers in an organized, centralized way. CRM systems are the core of modern businesses, and at Kuvana, our software is designed to enhance CRM. Have a look at our new explainer video. It’s less than two minutes and packed with information about…

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