An instant way to sell smarter

Accelerate your sales

Know what happens after you click send

Alerts for opens, videos, PDFs, links, web pages and CRM.

Email alerts
Add to Outlook or Gmail

See buying signals instantly

Watch the explainer video:

Chase the right deal

We update CRM, so you don’t have to

Key prospect interaction is captured, and followup actions made easy.

Track Gmail
crm email interactions
Kuvana CRM integrations
crm email interactions

Marketing automation integration:

Kuvana Marketing Automation integrations
Kuvana Marketing Automation integrations
We do a lot of cool things to make CRM and MA better for salespeople – Watch the video to understand:

Outlook, Gmail, Mobile

See alerts, and respond when something important happens in your sales pipeline.

View in Outlook

The sales cycle is full of unknowns. We can clear up a few things for you.

Open alerts

From right inside Outlook, Gmail and your phone.

Time in PDF

Know how many pages are viewed, and the time spent per page.

Time in video

See if they watched all of your video, or only 3%. Even repeat views.

Link Clicks

There’s no guessing, you will know they clicked your link.

Engagement Scoring

We analyze your prospect’s behavior and give you the score.

Web page views

Get alerts when prospects are on your website, which pages, and for how long.

Click-to call

Dial your prospect right from the alert notification in Outlook, Gmail, or your mobile phone.


Our reminder feature let’s you put it off, but not forget about it.

CRM Integration

Edit a CRM opp right from your inbox or mobile phone. And we update CRM, so you don’t have to.

Asset Libraries

Easily insert marketing collateral into your sales emails. And see the stats as they roll in.

CRM marketing lists

Click to add your prospect to the right nurture list.

Email Templates

Reduce time spent writing common messages. Save your own, or use marketing’s.

Neglected Opps

We alert you about a deal you may have overlooked.

Mobile App

See key alerts from your phone if you are away from your computer.

Predictive Analytics

Patterns emerge from prospect engagement and are applied across your sales funnel.

Try it free

Activate Kuvana right now, and for 14 days you’ll get all the features of our Professional version at no charge.
After 14 days you will be switched to our free version, or if you choose to continue at our Professional level, or Standard level, you will be billed for our service.

See our pricing page for details. Need over 100 licenses? Contact us for team pricing.



$0 monthly
    • Email Open Alerts
    • Gmail Integration
    • Outlook Integration


$9 monthly
    • Link Click Alerts
    • PDF Page Tracking
    • YouTube Time Tracking
    • Daily Summary Emails
    • Mobile Phone App


$39 monthly
    • Web Page View Alerts
    • Email Templates
    • Set Reminders
    • Click-to-Call Integration
    • Engagement Scoring
    • Marketing Asset Analytics
    • Add to CRM Marketing Lists
    • Interaction Analytics captured to CRM
    • Update CRM Opportunities
    • Neglected CRM Opportunity Alerts
    • Predictive Sales Call-Down Lists
    • API Access


$3,000 Org/annually
    • Aggregated Document Engagement
    • Aggregated Video Engagement
    • Capture Leads within YouTube Videos
    • Capture Leads within PDF Documents
    • A/B Testing Content
    • Website Tracking
    • Vanity URLs
    • Analytics Dashboard
    • Content Sharing with Sales Teams
    • Publish Content to Email Templates
    • CRM Integration
    • Marketing Automation Integration
You can get started with Kuvana, right now. For 14 days, you get all the features of our Professional version at no charge. After 14 days you will be switched to our free version, or if you choose to continue at our Professional level or Standard level, you will be billed for our service.

Kuvana pricing is per user, billed quarterly or with an annual discount option. Need over 100 licenses? Contact us for team pricing.


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Rhett and Chad were once serious competitors in the marketing automation space. Chad founded SalesFusion, and Rhett founded CoreMotives. Both companies became wildly successful, gaining thousands of clients all over the world (even Tasmania!). Both Rhett and Chad saw the same problem, marketing automation tools were great for a company, but not much help to salespeople unless they absolutely wanted to dig for data. This really bugged them, so they decided to build a new kind of engagement software specifically for the sales team. They knew it had to be easy to try and yield immediate results. So, they created Kuvana. Give it a go, we think you will be delighted.

Rhett Thompson
Chad Ruff
Rhett Thompson

Kuvana is Rhett’s third software start-up. His previous company, CoreMotives, was founded along with Jérémie Desautels, and acquired by IBM in 2014.

CoreMotives was a fantastic success, with thousands of users in over 40 countries. Many of the world’s best brands utilized CoreMotives for marketing automation – Bluetooth, The Wharton School, Seattle Seahawks, NY Jets, Blue Cross Blue Shield. Before CoreMotives, Rhett spent almost ten years with Tekla , a 3D modeling software firm headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. While at Tekla, Rhett was managing marketing and implementing global CRM strategy. Rhett started his first company, Sentel, when he was 20 years old. Sentel was acquired seven years later, and Rhett spent two years traveling through 36 countries in Europe and Asia. Rhett now lives in Atlanta, with his Finnish wife and three small children who make fun of him when he tries to speak their mother tongue.

Follow along as we journey to grow Kuvana into another global brand. Of course we would love to hear from you. And in case you are wondering about the company name, Kuvana essentially means “a picture is worth a thousand words” in the Finnish language.

Chad Ruff

Chad has founded three software companies over the past twenty years. Prior to Kuvana, he founded the marketing automation success story, Salesfusion. Chad was responsible for the creation and architecture of the SaaS based application that now runs hundreds of companies’ marketing programs. In 2013, Chad raised his first series a funding from Hallett Investments and later went on to raise $13 million from several Atlanta-area investors including Noro Mosley, BLH Ventures, and Tech Squared Ventures. Chad currently serves on the board of directors for Salesfusion.

Prior to Salesfusion, he founded Sage Software. Sage Software was a software consultancy that built custom software applications for large companies. Most notable, Sage Software built applications for Cox Communications, Merrill Lynch, and AT&T. In 2005, Sage Software was sold to Best Software from the UK. Best Software is best known for Peachtree Accounting, Act Software, and MAS Accounting. Best Software later rebranded their company under the Sage Software name.

Chad is an Atlanta native and received a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration and a minor in International Marketing from Georgia State University.

Chad loves to spend time at his lake house and is currently training for another triathlon. Go Chad!

Ping Chad @

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